About us

We are an international team of developers with wide ranging experience in IT.

Who are we?

Bettershore is an international team of developers whose broad and extensive experience across a wide range of sectors comes together to provide cutting edge technological solutions. Our technical expertise becomes your business success. We are a talented team of developers that transform complex technological problems into innovative solutions.

What drives us?

We are driven by a passion for good code and collaboration. We work hard to deliver solutions of the highest quality in record time. Our unique value proposition lies in our commitment to tailor each solution specifically to a company's needs - regardless of size or budget - so your company can reach their goals quickly and securely. We translate complex technological problems into simple and cost effective solutions


Industries we have worked with

Finance and insurance

We've infused technology into risk assessment, banking and improved the user experiences to provide innovation in this sector.

Oil and Gas

We streamline technological solutions that improve extraction, increase efficiency, and reduce environmental impact in this industry.


In security, we've innovated energy-efficient digital systems enhancing threat detection and crisis management.


We've optimized operations and improved customer service in the airline industry, always prioritizing sustainability.


In the energy sector, our technological solutions have optimized energy production and consumption, emphasizing renewable sources.


Our digital solutions in healthcare enable remote patient monitoring, digital consultations, and advocate for sustainable practice while improving communication in this industry.


Our tech solutions in education promote e-learning, VR classrooms, and AI-assessment tools, with a focus on eco-friendly practices. We're helping to bring education into the future.


We've engineered tech solutions to streamline public services, enhance digital infrastructure, and drive eco-friendly policies.


Our initiatives in manufacturing, from automation to smart manufacturing solutions, increase efficiency and sustainability.

Clients we have worked with

NorturaMetaforceKSAdmaGNPRacetrackerConcentBanqsoftZiot SolutionsSatboxErling SandeRSAReminder AppSergelHarmonieAdvisorSkifte DekkAffairEnergi24.noTarget365Eco OnlineSafeUseFrelsesarmeenGapitSeClouddehubincubeatdrigmetrobrandingtbaobos